Social Networking: do a "log-in" in your life!

The danger of easy access, frequent and continuous contact among people who are distant changes the sensory reality and also the importance of proximity as a factor of formation of social web. 



The art of floor sitting - by Aline Macedo

Knowing how to stand is of course fundamental, but the art of holding oneself to see the world comfortably deserves admiration...



EQUESTRIANISM, a glamorized sport 2013 BEST JUMP

Equestrianism is a sport that involves more than competition and rider skill



Interview with Gabriela Verri

People who like to dress well and can afford to are seeking out custom clothiers. This doesn’t necessarily mean a return to the tailors of yore or seamstresses, nor the exoticism of haute couture with its extravagant prices.



Des Isles and Des Ormes - Different Formats of the Same Well-Being

Hotels in Barneville-Carteret Express Comfort and Quality in Their Own Ways


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